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Summit READS (Reading Educates and Drives Success) Initiative is not just about teaching scholars to read, write, and speak about the text in their classrooms, but to build a LOVE of literature. In order to do this we are striving to create a culture of literacy to help scholars see that text is all around us, can be emotional, build knowledge, entertain, etc.

As part of this initiative, we ask teachers to read aloud to scholars during snack or they can sign up for a “guest” reader. We have also launched “Reading Buddies”. Classes are paired up and for 20 minutes the classes join together and the scholars read and enjoy literature together.

Our newest initiative is “Bed Time Stories with Mrs. Cowan”. Research shows that scholars should read 20 minutes each outside of what curriculum is providing them. Bedtime stories not only allows me to share my love of literature and some of my favorite books and authors with scholars, but it also allows scholars to hear and enjoy stories outside of school. While they are not reading them, there is power in listening and visualizing. It is also my hope that scholars and parents watch/listen together and can have a dialogue about the text.

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