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Tindley Summit Academy is located in the previous IPS school 98 in the Dubarry Neighborhood. In 2017, Tindley Summit Academy moved into the building to give the scholars their school building and fill an educational need left in the neighborhood.


Tindley Summit Academy prides itself on meeting the needs of scholars regardless of race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

The staff at Tindley Summit Academy works to develop well-rounded scholars and prepare scholars to attend and graduate from college.

Enrollment Data

Student Enrollment for 2019-20: 298 students in grades kindergarten through six.

Ethnic Breakdown

Black – 83.5%
Hispanic – 8.8%
Multiracial – 6.2%
White – 1.5%

Tindley Summit State Report Card

Tindley Summit Federal Report Card